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I am very excited to offer an opportunity to experience a floral demonstration by artist, Mimi Lipps from Sante Fe, NM. I met Mimi last summer and immediately we shared our love for flower arranging. The show will take place this SUNDAY at 2pm. Mimi will demonstrate her design styles in several different vases and will teach us classical Japanese techniques for cut flower preservation.  She is encouraging attendees to bring a vessel from home to take home an arrangement by her.

She will highlight her concepts for design which include:

“Simple, good or happy color harmonies, space or balance, pleasant to flower or flowers are talking or smiling, and talk with nature. The nature has taught me about them, always.”

I love thinking about the flowers talking or smiling in an arrangement, looking forward to seeing you at the farm!!

Call me if you have any questions, 970-759-0318.
xo, Lisa

Author: lisa laree bourey

Horticultural Artist, Bouquet Farmer, Botanista

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