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Now available through April’s Garden


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10 – Floral Bundles $200        5 – Floral Bundles $100


Subscription enrollment expires April 30th each season. There are a limited number available, so sign up today!! Subscription bouquets are available, May through early October. On the week you would like to receive a bundle, Call or email request on or before MONDAY to pick up TUESDAY at APRIL’S GARDEN (970) 247-1633.

IMG_0782Subscription Floral Bundles are available weekly at April’s Garden. They consist of seasonal blooms wrapped in paper, ready for YOUR vase.

Bouquets are available to purchase anytime, call us at (970)759-0318.


Anytime Farm Bundles and Bouquets


Farm Bouquets and Bundles consist of a fresh assortment of seasonal blooms, all LOCALLY GROWN. Hand selected, long lasting, mass of colorful flowers and greens assembled in a stylistic vase for your home or business.  If you want a particular color or flower, contact me and we can talk more specifically about what is in season. Seasonal Farm Flowers available May-Oct, depending on weather. All Flower requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

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  • Flower Farm Bundle (10+ stems in paper) $20
  • Bouquets BY SIZE (arranged in repurposed vase) $35 $45 $65 $85 $100

Farm Floral Buckets

One Floral Bucket 30-50 stems $125  

Large Bucket

A great way to fill bouquets for several tables or multiple rooms

A grand assortment of flowers grouped by species with all the elements that would make up a typical bouquet. Hand selected with a keen eye for complimentary colors. Buckets consists of focus flowers, branches, greens and fillers. Perfect for any home, business or flower-lover who wants to add their own personal floral artistry to their space. Seasonal Farm Flowers available May-Oct, depending on weather. 

All Flower requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Request a Bucket 


Weddings and Events

Call to receive information about wedding flowers or event flowers.

Lisa 970.759.0318