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The Bouquet Farm

Happy Spring!!

As many of you know I decided to add ‘Flower Farmer’ to my resume this year. I have dreamed of doing this since I was in college and still have pages of hand written lists of flowers I would grow someday. Now, armed with years of horticultural experience, a year+ of planning, many very generous and encouraging friends (and those lists!!) I have officially broke ground at the bouquet farm!

Turning Rabbitbrush into Roses…

This garden will feed my longing to grow fantastic types of fresh, organic and fabulously fragrant flowers throughout the summer. I hope with this driving passion, I can keep your vase filled with a seasonal assortment of fresh, distinctive blooms.

So to mark this day (see attached postcard), I am offering an introductory price through April:

PF-April postcard.pdf

Subscriptions for 2014 will start in June (possibly earlier) and go through (hopefully) October. You can receive your flowers any ten Thursdays during those months. Although my pick up point is still being worked out, I plan to find a convenient location within city limits.

To sign up or for more information go to or call me at (970)759-0318 be sure to mention the early season discount when signing up! And please share this with friends who can appreciate farm fresh flowers.

Lisa Bourey

ps (if you are not interested in receiving information about flowers or passion flower bouquet farm, then let me know and I will be sure to not burden your with this content in the future!)


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